International Corporate Training and Recruitment


8–Point Summary of ALDP Program

  1. Acceleration — Members are exposed to common management situations they are now experiencing as well as those rare but all–important 'life blood' issues that require immediate action.
  2. Adjudication — The Adjudicator ensures each participant reaches a level where a consistent approach to problem solving becomes entrenched in everyday decision–making.
  3. Assimilation — The time it takes for the 'light' to come on is different for everyone. By working at his or her own speed and drawing upon what they already know, retention lasts for months and even years. (Workshops, seminars and inter–net programs simply cannot accommodate an individual's assimilation times.)

    "I will never forget the lesson I learned about managing events rather than people — it has served me well for many years."
    John Stonier

  4. Participants develop their proficiency in selecting and developing staff.
  5. Cost Effective — The entire program is completed at home or office without the expense of travel, accommodations or time off work. The AMDP is a fraction of what a comparable program costs at university.
  6. Time Requirements: Developing an in-depth understanding of managerial leadership is a higher priority than 'just getting the program over with.' Some master the program in 2—3 weeks while others require or prefer a longer period.
  7. The Prevention of Stress Leading to Burnout section demonstrates your company has been pro–active in dealing with stress in the workplace. Information is presented that makes everyone's work less stressful.
  8. Registration in Pairs: Participants discuss common techniques.