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When given discretionary responsibilities almost all men and women have the intelligence and qualifications to make wise decisions. The ALDP accelerates each individual’s abilities to make wise choices… now and later in their employment when responsibilities increase.

Effective Leaders Taking Your Organization Where it Wants To Go

"It’s amazing! This is the only program we offer that participants don’t want to end."
C.W. Armstrong, Program Author

"In college & university we get the lesson first and then the test. This program gives the test first and then the lesson…just like in the real world."
Chris Marshall, 2016 Registrant

"Soon into this program our new Manager spotted two problems that saved us a pile of money and frustration. One was in our Procurement Department and the other in Staffing. Problems that had crept in that no one noticed. As a result, I want all of my key people on this program."
George Smith, Manufacturing President