International Corporate Training and Recruitment



Decision Making That Counts

Using a current case study, participants solve timely problems and issues directly related to their field of responsibilities. The results — they master a consistent approach to problem solving that becomes entrenched in their everyday decision–making.
Here are a few examples:

Recognizing ‘Life-Blood’ issues
Managing Events vs People
Handling the Unexpected
The Real vs the Stated Problem
Anticipating Repercussions
Cultural Discrimination
Dealing with Difficult Situations
Customer & Supplier Relations
Change Management
Making Wise Business Decisions
Problems Unique to their field
Building Effective Teams

Our adjudicators assess each response for practical implementation.

Maximizing Your Career Potential

Armed with a clear understanding of their own career, participants gain an advantage when it comes to motivating and developing new and existing staff…they empower themselves and others to take the organization to the next step.

Understanding Stress

Stress leading to burnout is costing employers millions of dollars yearly. This section is beneficial to all participants and especially Managers and HR Professionals. The section includes the Burnout Assessment Test revealing 18 personal & career stressors.