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Accelerated Leadership Development Program

Tap into your inner wisdom to become an effective leader.

Take your career where you want it to go.

This self–directed program allows you to work at your own pace, in your own home without taking time off work.

A team of senior adjudicators from upper–level leadership positions across several industries guide you through our time–tested leadership program. With their coaching, you learn to master critical problem–solving and decision–making techniques that will take you to your next career level, while also enhancing vital aspects of your professional life.

FOR EMPLOYERS: The ALDP is a perfect fit for newly appointed managers or supervisors, individuals you have marked for a leadership role, or a seasoned manager who is having difficulties in their current position. Finally, there may be a key employee in your organization who is destined to take your enterprise into its next phase of growth and development — that alone is more than enough reason for your upper tier personnel to enroll in our exceptional course!

For for info, or to register, simply call or email us.