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Establishing your Next Career

Careeroute provides experienced individuals with the expertise necessary to land their next career position:

Executives ● Managers ● Professionals (all disciplines) ● Technologists ● Support Personnel ● Restructured ● Relocating ● Under-Employed/Under-Paid ●Career Change ● Salary Range $55,000 to $225,000

Letter to an Unknown Friend

If an employer has an opening in the middle–to–higher income bracket, you can be certain the job demands a certain level of wisdom and competency far beyond skills and talent. And you can be assured the employer knows what level of expertise is required and, more often than not, exactly who can fill that position.

For example, when Phillips Cables closed in my area, hundreds of people joined the ranks of the unemployed. Phillips' HR department contacted four other companies to see if any might hire their laid–off personnel. Curiously, all four companies said they had no openings — but then each one inquired about hiring the same six specific individuals from the Phillips plant. These six people were well known in the industry for their wisdom and competency

I've celebrated over 30 years helping individuals to re-establish, relocate or change their careers. Most, if not all, landed positions above their salary expectations, increased their discretionary responsibilities and realized their full potential — some entered careers they had never even considered.

Below I have listed the key highlights of my Careeroute Program. All of them are important. However, what you will really gain through taking my program are new ideas and the confidence required to land your next career position.

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Sincerely yours,
Craig W. Armstrong,
Program Author & Senior Counselor

Careeroute Highlights

Careeroute is available through a one–on–one session at our offices, or via teleconferencing for individuals residing elsewhere in Canada.

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