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Freedom From Stress

You have a right to be someone of value.

You have a right to do something worthwhile.

You have the right to be someplace where you belong & thrive in life.

Out-of-control stress robs our ability to fulfill these three vital parts of living. Our bodies can only deal with short periods of stress. Yet, these days it’s easy become locked in a near constant cycle of stress.

Over time, this unrelieved, chronic stress can lead to burnout. We feel exhausted, worthless and pessimistic about life & happiness.

Stress leading to burnout extends outward to the people in your life and your ability to do meaningful, productive work.

I can help you enjoy freedom from stress!

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Craig Armstrong’s work in career management & development spans over four decades. In that time he has helped hundreds of individuals achieve their personal and professional goals through one-on-one counseling and public speaking engagements.

He is the lead author and researcher of the groundbreaking Freedom from Stress Leading to Burnout program with Dr. Nicholas Chamberlain, MD & David R. Willings, PhD. read more