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Freedom from Stress Leading to Burnout: The Program

Stress is part of living. But when it gets out of control, stress can lead to poor health and eventually turn into the debilitating onset of burnout.

The good news is that abnormally high levels of stress and resulting misery of burnout can be prevented. This program will accelerate your road to recovery!

Freedom from Stress was researched and designed by Career Specialist Craig Armstrong, with Career Psychologist Dr. David Willings, PhD, and Post-Graduate Medical Professor Dr. Nick Chamberlain, MD. This comprehensive program was the result of working with hundreds of people just like you — people determined to free themselves from the tyranny of stress.


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Freedom from Stress

The program begins with identifying 18 stressors leading to burnout and setting the stage for an accelerated recovery. Its key component is the Burnout Assessment Test (BAT), which is completed on-line. This assessment, which is completely confidential, is aimed at alleviating stress, helps you to celebrate your strengths, and channels personal growth.

We have reinforced the program with the Freedom from Stress (Training Manual), High Performance Communications Profile, telephone counselling and a training video (36 min.). On-line and telephone follow-up support is included.

Included in the Program

Resetting Your Brain
  • Balancing Lifestyles & Perspectives
  • Training Video (20 min.)
Your Career Path
  • Personal Employment Evaluation Profile
  • Navigating Career Highways (Learning Text)


Every client is unique. Therefore we want to begin with a brief telephone interview to determine your need. Perhaps, there are other options to consider. If you are a company or organization please contact us as well.

Limit of Liability/Disclaimer of Warranty: The information contained in this program is not intended to serve as a replacement for medical or any other professional advice. If you have any conditions requiring attention, you should consult with your health care professional regarding use or modification of the program. Use at your own discretion.