International Corporate Training and Recruitment


What Our Clients Say About Us

"All of my managers and supervisors go through Armstrong's process."
— G.H. Smith, President, Tandem Inc.

"It is with great pleasure I recommend the program. ICTR's professionalism was evident in all aspects of preparing me for success in obtaining employment… in a position that is almost tailored to my qualifications and desire."
— D. Stimson

"Just a quick note to thank you for your services. The speed at which I received an offer was beyond my wildest expectations. I have never had more than one employer seriously pursuing me ever… it stands to show your approach is a very effective one. I recommend you to my colleagues."
— J. Stonier

"In my opinion the investment was well worth the price to find a job I enjoy. Your résumé said everything I am. Employers commented, 'This is the best I have ever seen.' It only took me a few weeks to land a position."
— G. Pretty

"All of your promises were kept to the fullest."
— J. Rawlyk

"I wish to express my thanks to Craig and Cindy. Without their professional help I feel sure I would still be out there looking."
— E. Thomson

"Restructured and job searching as a test pilot in Eastern Ontario was not encouraging. But Armstrong's guidance put me squarely in the unmanned aviation vehicle industry."
— B. Beswick

"Put Craig Armstrong at ICTR on it. I want it squeaky clean."
— Madame Marcelle Mersereau, Minister of Human Resources, concerning the start-up of a 2500 employee industrial plant

"Wow! I was hired over the phone as an Arson Investigator. When asked for my starting salary I did what you said and it was accepted. I almost fell off my chair - $90/hour to start."
— Tammy Webb

"The new position is going well. It is a great opportunity with a good staff team. Thank you for your assistance."
— M. Graham

"Under your guidance I received an interview in 10 days and was hired out of 30 applicants. When my probation period finished I was lavished with a 15% increase. Use me anytime as a reference."
— Bruce Scott, Accountant

"Good news! I was offered the Analyst position. Thank you so much for your help and support."
— Melanie Bale

"Things are going very well. Last year my T4 showed $109,000 not including the bonus I received."
— Mark Milito, Engineer

"The new job is going very well. I wish to thank you. You gave me my confidence back."
— Laura Darling, Environmentalist

"I wanted to let you know I was offered the position of Director, Business Development for Canada and I have accepted."
— Tania Sherwood

"My position at TRW is blossoming. Every time I thought things were turning to crap for me, you showed me a way back. Don’t retire, Armstrong!"
— John Snowdon

"I want to let you know I have accepted a position as Client Service Manager and start Monday."
— Andre Lortie

"I want to thank you for your help. This is an excellent opportunity with such a reputable company. It came at a perfect time with a baby on the way."
— Des Chowace

"My name is Cindy. You helped my husband Robert land a great job in Ottawa when he was released from the Navy. Rob says to say, Thank you."
— Cindy Hurst